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Manufactured from high-spec durable aluminium extrusion and incorporating easy to use snap system. Easy poster change whilst keeping your media secure. Recommended for internal use it is also suitable for some outdoor applications when used in conjunction with a water resistant poster. The wider profile makes these the right solution for larger frame sizes and comes in a durable silver anodised finish.

  • 32mm Flat extruded aluminium profile
  • 1.5mm strong plastic back panel
  • 0.5mm Anti-glare poster cover
  • Durable Silver Anodised Frame Finish
  • Mitred Corners
  • Secure and Easy to use Snap Open and Close System
  • Wall fixing kit included

    Code                                        Graphic Size                                                                          Visible Size


    297mm x 210mm (A4)

    277mm x 190mm


    420mm x 297mm (A3)

    400mm x 277mm


    594mm x 420mm (A2)

    574mm x 400mm


    762mm x 508mm (30x20)

    742mm x 488mm


    840mm x 594mm (A1)

    820mm x 574mm


    1016mm x 762mm (40x30)

    996mm x 742mm


    1188mm x 840mm (A0)

    1168mm x 820mm


    1524mm x 1016mm (60x40)

    1504mm x 996mm

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